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Petra Stunt UK

Petra Stunt UK

The 8 Most Unexpected Items Petra Stunt Brought To Her UK Manor

Petra Stunt is well known for being one of the “it” girls of the moment in the UK and while some might view her merely as someone who is happy to spend money and little more, there is far more to Petra than meets the eye.

Her move into her new home (which is simply known as The Manor) allowed Petra Stunt to place her own signature spin on the residence and she has been the talk of the town as the result of her unique sense of style and flair.

Without further ado, let's take a closer look at the eight most unexpected items that Petra Stunt brought with her to her new UK residence.....

A Healthy Supply of Jobs

Petra was able to provide several jobs as a result of her move and she serves a personal stimulus package of sorts. It took a whopping 500 employees over two months just to install the home's furnishings.

Close Friends

Petra has quite the extensive list of pals who have already visited her new home and she has wasted no time inviting them over to check out her brand new digs. Everyone from Mel Gibson to the Hilton sisters has already popped in to say hello to the bubbly heiress.

Bizarre Movie Nights

While you may have read that last tidbit about Mel Gibson coming over and thought to yourself that there was no way Petra would force him to watch his own movies, you would be very wrong for assuming this.

A Very Unique Sculpture

While memories of Baywatch starlet Pamela Anderson have begun to fade from public consciousness, Petra is more than proud to keep her name alive with an incredible sculpture that depicts twin Pamela Andersons clad in bikinis.

Fish Tank

After all, every home needs a fish tank in order to look its best and Petra's is certainly no different. The fish tank that she has brought with her will be kept in her study and is slated to be filled with all sorts of fish, including angelfish and puffer fish.

A Spa

If you're Petra Stunt, you are not always going to have time to step away from your philanthropic pursuits and head out to the local. Her spa allows her to save a great deal of time and energy. It comes with its very own massage parlor, in addition to two chairs for manicures and pedicures, as well as three separate hair stations.

Mickey Mouse

Petra might be all grown up and seem far removed from her childhood self, but she has never lost her sense of who she truly is. She was given a Mickey Mouse doll at birth and this doll has never left her side, no matter how many times she is moved and she's never lost touch with her inner child.

Permanent Staff

In addition to the aforementioned staff that was responsible for setting up the house before she moved in, Petra also requires caretakers, assistants and housekeepers to make sure that everything at The Manor is always running up to par.


Petra Stunt UK
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