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Petra Stunt London

Petra Stunt London

6 Fun Facts About Petra Stunt, London's It Girl

Petra Stunt, London is one of the most famous women in the UK (and all of the world) and while she is very well known, there are certain facts about her that would definitely shock you. It takes a lot for anyone of her magnitude to slide under the radar, but Petra Stunt is just the person for the job.

This gorgeous blonde has taken the world by storm with her beautiful smile and her generous nature. Be sure to read on and learn more about the following fun facts about Petra Stunt will astound readers from the UK and other nations alike.

Petra Stunt Hangs Out With London Royalty.....Literally

While it may seem completely normal for a girl like Petra to ring up her pals Eugenie and Beatrice to enjoy a ladies' night together, it is important to bear in mind that these two women are actually princesses and the royal daughters of Fergie and Prince Andrew.

She Has Always Wanted To Settle Down and Be a Wife

Petra finally found a man that could capture her heart and when she finally married James Stunt, they were wed in Rome, Italy, in a ceremony that was said to be very moving and the culmination of her lifelong dream to settle down and find a man who could become her missing half.

She Helped To Plan Her Own Wedding

Did you think that Petra was going to simply hire someone else to plan the most special day of her life and then remove herself from the process entirely? Of course not, as Petra hired a top notch wedding planner who was able to help bring her vision to life and she remained closely tied to the entire process.

Her Father Is Very Kind

Petra's engagement party was definitely a moment to remember and thanks to her very generous father, she was able to enjoy a night that few people would ever be able to forget. Her father Bernie provided his lovely daughter with a dream gift, paying for a performance from the one and only Rihanna.

She Was Not Raised To Be Flashy

Petra remains in contact with her father on an everyday basis and his tastes have definitely rubbed off on his daughter, who lives far more humbly than most realize. He still cleans his house and does not retain any sort of housekeeping service. His favorite meal? Eggs with brown sauce on toast. His ways have not been lost on his daughter, who was certainly not raised in a manner that is over the top or flashy.

Petra's More Concerned With Helping Others

If you are at all worried about Petra's financial future, there is no reason for concern. The heiress is currently in possession of a Swiss bank trust that is worth nearly $2.5 billion and we imagine that should be enough to last her, especially since she is committed to using her wealth to assisting others who find themselves in need. Her philanthropic efforts are her primary concern at this moment in time.


Petra Stunt London
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