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Autism UK

Autism UK

5 Myths About Autism In The UK Debunked

You have probably heard a few different thoughts and ideas about autism throughout the course of your life and while some ideas about autism in the UK that are allowed to circulate are very true, there are a variety of myths regarding autism patients from the UK that are patently false.

So what do we do when we want to separate fact from fiction? Read on to learn more about the following myths and why they are harmful.

They Don't Want To Make Friends

Just imagine how frustrating it must be for a person to experiencing the frustration that comes with autism and not be able to speak out about what they are going through. This is what happens when people circulate the misconception that autistic children and adults are standoffish and do not want friends to call their own. They could seem unfriendly or shy, but this does not mean that they do not want friends.

They Can't Express Emotion

While someone who is experiencing autism might not have the ability to express emotions in the same way as someone who does not, this does not mean that they are completely unable to do so. They simply communicate their emotions in a different manner than you do and this is not something that should be ignored in favor of believing the same old myths.

Autism Is a Disability

There is a massive difference between a disorder and a disability and it is dangerous for people to assume that an autistic person is disabled. Those who are diagnosed with autism still have numerous talents and abilities. In many cases, these abilities are extraordinary. Do not ever allow yourself to believe that an autistic person is unable to do all of the same things that you can.

All Autism Is The Same

Some people will see one movie or television show with an autistic character and start to believe that every autistic person is exactly the same. There are varying forms of autistic spectrum disorder and making the mistake of assuming that everyone is the same is not wise. If you have met and spent time with one person who has autism, then guess what? You know ONE person who has autism. Don't extrapolate or project these experiences onto others.

Autism Is Not Treatable

Autism is not something a person is forced to endure for their entire lives and if a child receives early intervention, they can often test out of the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis that they were originally given. This is why parents need to address the symptoms as soon as they appear, so that this myth will finally fade from public consciousness.

One Final Note

If you have any questions about common autism myths in the UK, be sure to contact a licensed medical professional. They can help you to separate the myths from the truth and give you a much more educated idea on how to handle the disorder. Don't ever allow yourself to fall victim to common misconception.

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