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First PS Place Centre to open this year


The new Petra’s Place centres will provide friendly services and support for pre-school children with suspected or diagnosed autism and their families.

The first of the Petra’s Place centres is planned to open soon in a newly refurbished and specially adapted property in Chelsea, London.

With the focus on early intervention from 20 months the emphasis is on learning through play in a fun, non-clinical environment. Alongside speech and language as well as occupational therapy they will be offered cookery, art and music, with sensory integration and play sessions for the whole young family, catering to their everyday needs.

Based on an American model many of the therapists will have extensive experience of working at similar centres. Specialist pre-school child-care and medical experts will approve and oversee all activity at the centres. 

Studies and research have long shown the importance of early intervention in shaping future outcome in young children. The first few years of life when a child’s brain is developing is a particularly sensitive time to influence the foundation of key cognitive, social and behavioural skills. Early childhood interventions including a range of therapies will help in improving development and behavior as the child grows and have a positive impact on future interaction, learning and social behavior, as well as on their physical health.

The whole family will be considered very much part of the treatment plan, with parents participating in sessions in a warm family friendly setting to help them implement and support the behavioural changes at home. We aim to improve the development of each child, enabling each to achieve their unique potential and helping to create healthy and happy young families.

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