Autistic jazz pianist Matt Savage - at the time age 14 - playing an upbeat song with a 7/4 time signature (7 beats to a bar), hence called Seven Up. It illustrates remarkable rhythm perception, attention to detail, systemising (music is a system) & savants

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Sometimes a mainstream holiday environment can be overwhelming and daunting for children with autism and their families. We love the tips and advice given by @Autism on managing holidays when travelling with children with autism.
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We wanted to celebrate and say thank you to all the wonderful staff we have working at Petra’s Place London. Here they are wearing their charity t-shirts! You can buy them at and all proceeds to go our charity to raise awareness for children with autism

With Summer well and truly underway its always useful to have some outdoors activities that you can do with your children. One of our current favourites is a sensory food memory game. How many do they get right? How many can they remember at the end?#autism #fun #games #summer

We know having a child with autism means the change in temperature and routine can bring their own issues. We will bring you some ideas, hints and tips throughout the month to help you.
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#petraecclestone shares her top tips for helping improve sleep quality for children with autism on her new blog post. Have you got any top tips you can share?
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"I am so pleased that autistic preschool kids in London can now receive evidence-based early interventions at the wonderfully calm, autism-friendly and caring Petra's Place therapy centre."
Director, Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University

In a recent blog post Aimee Hererra discusses the ‘Myths about Autism’ one of them being that children with autism cannot be empathetic. Aimee responds by 'busting' that myth.
Head to blog to read the full post
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Do any of you find that owning pets can help calm and relax your children? We’d love to know the benefits you have found in animal therapy. Please send any pictures of your children with their special pets 
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A happy, healthy childhood awaits. At Petra’s Place our compassionate team are dedicated to the well-being, growth and development of your child. Please register your interest today to learn more
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At Petra’s Place we have experts in all forms of therapies that may be beneficial to our children, we use a variety of techniques to build confidence and help encourage verbal communication over time.
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Over on our blog @missamywillerton discusses living with and helping a sibling with autism.
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*Amy Willerton is a British model and actress