Have a look at our fabulous “Different Abilities” t-shirt sold to support therapy for young children with autism https://t.co/C19bySYnDT 💙

How can the cause of pain be assessed and determined in non-verbal children and young adults on the #autism spectrum? This is an extremely important issue to tackle! Read some suggestions here. #autismresearch https://t.co/Y4BLfwik4t

Why are many autistic kids drawn to the New York subway and train system? Is it because it's a series of systems & they love to systemize? Train maps, train timetables, train types, and the predictability of vehicles that can only go forwards or backwards? https://t.co/iZAbY0ntdB

A huge thank you to @Martin2018St for not only writing 2 children’s adventure books which raise awareness of #autism, but also for donating the proceeds to us. To read about these wonderful books and for a link to buy them, see here! https://t.co/VKbUTNR4pz

Our comedy night is finally here! Funnyman and @autism ambassador, @MattRichardson3, will host our first comedy night this evening @UnionChapelUK! Want to come along? Tickets are available online https://t.co/6Hy5VfMbep or at the door 😀