The old ratio of 4:1 (males:females) on the autistic spectrum has recently fallen to 3:1, with some thinking that it may drop further to 2:1 in the coming years. Why have girls and women been overlooked in the past? Read more here: #autism

In case you missed it: Read our post on Bricks for Autism who offer therapy for children with #autism in the form of building LEGO models and also helps to fund vital #autismresearch

All children have a right to a full education – but for too many children with autism this simply isn’t happening. Tell us your experience of the education system by completing our short survey here

Our CEO @YesWeJon: "Through high quality research, we can improve diagnosis, build better services and tackle the many inequalities faced by autistic people and their families." #HappierLives

We’re at #lab18 this week. Speaking to MPs about how NHS needs to change to improve support for autistic people, underfunding of adult social care, changes needed to education system & issues on employment

Tonight's #BBCPanorama will explore what it's like trying to get mental health support. Stories like Jess' show the importance of early diagnosis and tailored support for mental health problems: