In a recent blog post Aimee Hererra discusses the ‘Myths about Autism’ one of them being that children with autism cannot be empathetic. Aimee responds by 'busting' that myth.
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Do any of you find that owning pets can help calm and relax your children? We’d love to know the benefits you have found in animal therapy. Please send any pictures of your children with their special pets 
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A happy, healthy childhood awaits. At Petra’s Place our compassionate team are dedicated to the well-being, growth and development of your child. Please register your interest today to learn more
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At Petra’s Place we have experts in all forms of therapies that may be beneficial to our children, we use a variety of techniques to build confidence and help encourage verbal communication over time.
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Over on our blog @missamywillerton discusses living with and helping a sibling with autism.
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*Amy Willerton is a British model and actress

In our online video Petra talks about her reasons for setting up Petra's Place. It’s the reason we work tirelessly at Petra’s Place to provide Early Intervention and individual care plans for young children with autism.

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“In today’s age of information, with access to online sources and social media, it’s easier than ever to find an overwhelming amount of information about autism”
Head over to our blog and read Aimee's breakdown on ‘Myths about Autism’
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Petra’s Place centers offer a child a family-centered, responsive space where children aged 18 mths to 4 yrs on the autistic spectrum will receive an individual programme of support to develop strength and resilience before entering the education system.