At Petra's Place we encourage and include differently abled children to enjoy exercise in safe and fun ways. Our Little Body Poppers music and movement programme has been tailored specifically for children with developmental delay & autism.

This month is dyslexia awareness month. Many children with autism can have difficulties with dyslexia or dyspraxia so raising awareness and learning of these as early impossible can be hugely beneficial in helping a child’s development. #dyslexia #dyslexiaawareness @BDAdyslexia

What a brilliant @guardian interview with our trustee @sbaroncohen covering his life, the issues that autistic people face and what's needed in the future 🗞️

We're so proud to fund @ARC_Cambridge and the amazing work that they do. #Autism #AutismResearch

This Saturday will be the beginning of our biggest #AutismHour to date, with over 14,500 shops taking part! The number of amazing days out is growing for autistic people and their families to enjoy, and we’ve shared our top picks:

Hello October! Autumn is well and truly here which is pumpkin season! #happyoctober #October1st #pumpkin

"People with autism not only have feelings, they understand the feelings of others a lot more than we think" @Autism #charity #autism #quote #quoteoftheday

Fantastic to see this important & excellent report published by our wonderful friends at @autism.

Kudos to @tim_nicholls @A_BBearfield @David_Mac88 @thesnakestweet @Jane_Harris77 & many others.

Silke Lipinski, Isabel Dziobek and others at the brilliant autism research cooperation based in Berlin have created this checklist for researchers who want to ensure that their research is autism-friendly.

This must be one of Greta’s finest speeches to date. It combines scientific facts with emotional outcry. She speaks out like a victim, angrily accusing the adult world leaders of stealing her and her generation’s childhoods and futures. But will they act?

Autistic jazz pianist Matt Savage - at the time age 14 - playing an upbeat song with a 7/4 time signature (7 beats to a bar), hence called Seven Up. It illustrates remarkable rhythm perception, attention to detail, systemising (music is a system) & savants

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Sometimes a mainstream holiday environment can be overwhelming and daunting for children with autism and their families. We love the tips and advice given by @Autism on managing holidays when travelling with children with autism.
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We wanted to celebrate and say thank you to all the wonderful staff we have working at Petra’s Place London. Here they are wearing their charity t-shirts! You can buy them at and all proceeds to go our charity to raise awareness for children with autism